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New with Detailed instructions, double sided mounting tape, wire ties to make your installation neat


The Direct Cord with Flat MUTE Button accessory is a unique power cord with a convenient MUTE BUTTON right within arms reach! 


Tired of dangling power cords?  Our direct cords eliminate the bulky dangling power cords that hang over your dashboard and over your rearview mirror.

Our instructions are very detailed and installation is very simple.

We usually ship the same day so you get your order with lightning fast shipping!



What is a Direct Cord with Flat MUTE button?

The Direct Wire Cord with Flat MUTE button is an optional accessory that allows you to connect your radar detector directly to your fuse block or other 12-volt source (leaving your lighter socket free for other uses) and provides a MUTE button to be placed closer to you.


The Direct Cord with Flat MUTE button is approximately 8 feet long, with the MUTE button on a cord that about 4 feet long and connected at the built-in FUSED end of the cord so you can place it within arms reach. 


It's the perfect addition for any car when reaching the detector's mute button on the windshield is a stretch.

Normally comes with a T - Tap Direct Cord Tap to connect to a power wire source like below. 

Just wrap the t-tap onto the wire and pinch with a pair of pliers, then you just connect the red wire to the t-tap.


Wrap t- tap onto wire and squeeze with pliers


Insert connector onto the t-tap for power


Direct Cord Tap     Direct Cord Fuse Tap


1.  Blade Fuse Tap Direct Cord Tap to connect to a blade fuse Direct Cord Tap in the fuse box

2.  Mini Blade Fuse Tap Direct Cord Tap to connect to a mini blade fuse Direct Cord Tap in the fuse box.

Here is a comparison of the blade fuse on the left and the mini blade fuse on the right

Now you can wire directly to your fuse box and eliminate dangling power cords. 


Our power cords will allow your radar detector to be hard wired to your vehicle very easily.  If you do change vehicles, simply unplug the red wire from the T-tap connector or the Fuse tap, and unhook the black ground wire. 


This kit will work on the below detectors that uses the "Modular" type power plug.

uniden models:

r1, r3 and more






  1. Normally the cord for the mute button is about 4 feet long.  Figure out where you would like to mount your mute button.  The round mute button needs a hole that is approximately 1/4" or 6.5mm to mount.  Try to test drill a hole onto an extra piece of plastic or wood that is not needed to make sure the hole is sufficient.

  2. Make sure the chosen mounting location is either 1/8" or 2.5mm thickness or less.  Round mute button will not screw into a hole if the mounting surface is any thicker.

  3. Unscrew the nut from the round mute button.  Place the round mute button through the hole from behind with the lock washer on it or after the mounting hole.  The lock washer is the round washer with the slit in it, it is slightly curved up from each end.  The lock washer is needed so the nut will not loosen from vibration.  Hold the round mute button with one hand and hand tighten the nut onto the round mute button on the front side of the mounting hole.  Finally tighten with a pair of needle nose pliers just until the lock washer flattens.


Did You Know?

You could also add (1)ONE L.E.D. for your Direct Cord with Mute Button.  The L.E.D. turns on when your radar detector is on, turns off when your radar detector is off and blinks when in alert mode.  Comes on a four foot cord so you can place it almost anywhere.  Order with the Mute Button Cord and we will install it on the cord for you.

Choice of either:

Blue L.E.D. Blue L.E.D. $10.00

Red L.E.D. Red L.E.D. $10.00


What's included?

New Direct Cord with built-in FUSE and Round Mute Button kit

Detailed instructions to make your installation a breeze

Strong double sided mounting tape for the flat mute button

Wire ties to make your installation neat

Normally comes with a T - Tap Direct Cord Tap to connect to a power wire source. 

If you need a Fuse tap, just let us know which one you would like and we'll replace the T-Tap in your order.

1.  Blade Fuse Tap Direct Cord Tap or a

2.  Mini Blade Fuse Tap Direct Cord Tap to connect to fuse in the fuse box very easily.

Make sure you get a 1 year limited warranty at no charge. 

Delivery Confirmation to track your order. (available in most cases)


Price:  $15.99

Add a LED
Power Tap option


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