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VALENTINE Stealth Mirror Power Cord



Brand New with instructions

Email us if you need help installing these high quality cords


Tired of dangling power cords?  Our direct cords eliminate the bulky dangling power cords that hang over your dashboard and over your rearview mirror.

Our instructions are very detailed and installation is very simple.

We usually ship the same day so you get your order with lightning fast shipping!


Some newer vehicles have a powered rear view mirror which allows you to install our FUSED Stealth MIRROR CORD to the rear view mirror.  Just mount your radar detector close to the rear view mirror and install the cord.  It's easy to install and very stealthy.


What is a FUSED Stealth Mirror Direct Wire Cord?

The FUSED Stealth Mirror Direct Wire Cord is an optional accessory that allows you to connect your radar detector directly to your rear view mirror (leaving your lighter socket free for other uses).


The FUSED Stealth Mirror Direct Wire Cord is approximately 12 inches long with a built-in LOW AMP FUSE to protect your radar detector.  


Our kits easily allows you to hard wire your Detector to your Rear View Mirror and hide the wire for a cleaner, more professional look.  Very similar to the Hidden Mirror Cord, but you don't have to tuck the remaining cord away.


This kit can be removed and installed in a different car if you ever change your vehicle.





This kit will work on the below detectors that uses the "Modular" type power plug.

Valentine models:
All Valentine V1 models


What's included?

New Valentine FUSED Stealth Mirror Direct Wire Cord

Detailed instructions to make your installation a breeze

Wire tie to make your installation neat


1 year limited warranty at no charge. 

Delivery Confirmation to track your order. (available in most cases)


Price:  $9.99  


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